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  • Stormvault (Hardback)
    Stormvault (Hardback)

    A Warhammer Age of Sigmar novel

    Venture into a long-dead city alongside the Celestial Vindicators in an action-packed tale that pits the Stormcast Eternals against marauding greenskins, the vile hordes of Chaos, and mercenaries…

    € 19,80
  • The Harrowed Paths (Paperback)
    The Harrowed Paths (Paperback)

    A Warhammer Horror anthology

    In the grim worlds of Warhammer, death is always near, and unspeakable horror awaits the lost, lonely, and hopeless. Discover tales of dark journeys, ill tidings, and doomed souls in this Warhammer…

    € 11,25
  • Fortress of Ghosts: Book 5 (Paperback)
    Fortress of Ghosts: Book 5 (Paperback)

    Realm Quest Book 5

    Betrayed, trapped in a cursed labyrinth, and haunted by vengeful spirits, Kiri and her friends must find a way to escape their captor and survive the horrors that await them.

    Take a look into…

    € 7,20
  • Plague of the Nurglings: Book 5 (Paperback)
    Plague of the Nurglings: Book 5 (Paperback)

    Warped Galaxies Book 5

    On a forge world of the Adeptus Mechanicus, Zelia Lor and her friends are thrown into the midst of a terrible plague that threatens man and machine alike.

    See the Adeptus Mechanicus and the…

    € 7,20


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