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  • Victory at Sea US Navy fleet
    Victory at Sea US Navy fleet

    Although the United States of America contains a vast area of land, almost all of its allies and trading partners are overseas, and those interests require a powerful navy to support them.The US Navy possessed some of the largest…

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  • F6F Hellcat Flights
    F6F Hellcat Flights

    Relatively easy to handle for a well-trained pilot, the Hellcat was built specifically to defeat the Japanese Zero, a role it excelled at. Its nickname of ‘Ace Maker’ was well earned, and the Hellcat went on to become the US…

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  • USS Idaho
    USS Idaho

    USS Idaho, the third of three ships of the New Mexico-class of Battleship, was the fourth vessel to bear the name. She was launched in June 1917 and commissioned in March 1919. She was armed with a battery of twelve 14” guns in…

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  • USS Missouri
    USS Missouri

    Only the mighty Yamato displaced more than the massive, yet very fast, Iowa-class battleships. The last battleship to be commissioned by the USA, USS Missouri known as the ‘Mighty Mo’ acted as venue for the Japanese surrender…

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  • USS Yorktown
    USS Yorktown

    The Yorktown-class of aircraft carrier were built in a series of three. Of those, only the USS Enterprise survived the war, with the USS Yorktown sunk during the Battle of Midway, and the USS Hornet during the Battle of Santa…

    € 20,75
  • US Navy Submarines & MTB sections
    US Navy Submarines & MTB sections

    Submarines: The Gato-class of submarine was the first mass production US submarine class of the Second World War, forming the majority of the United States Navy’s submarine fleet of the war. It was the Gato-class, and the…

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