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  • Victory at Sea Royal Navy fleet
    Victory at Sea Royal Navy fleet

    The Royal Navy of Great Britain was the world’s greatest navy at the outbreak of the Second World War. However, Britain went to war with mainly First World War-vintage vessels. Since the Royal Navy already possessed many…

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  • Gloster Gladiator Flights
    Gloster Gladiator Flights

    The Gloster Gladiator represented the final generation of biplane fighters before being made obsolete by the appearance of the Hurricane, Spitfire and Bf 109. In 1937, the Fleet Air Arm decided there was a need for single seat…

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  • HMS Hood
    HMS Hood

    At one time, the HMS Hood was the largest and possibly most famous ship in the world, representing the supremacy of British sea power. Though attached to Home Fleet, the Hood took part in the sinking of the French fleet at Oran.…

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  • HMS Warspite
    HMS Warspite

    HMS Warspite was a Queen Elizabeth-class battleship of the Royal Navy. Built during the early 1910s, she served in the First World War, including at the Battle of Jutland. Modernized in the 1930s, she went on to serve in the…

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    Pre-order: HMS Ark Royal
    Pre-order: HMS Ark Royal

    One of the most famous carriers of the war, the HMS Ark Royal received many battle honours in its service. The first enemy aircraft shot down by the Fleet Air Arm was with one of her Blackburn Skuas, while her bombers sank the…

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  • Royal Navy Submarines & MTB sections
    Royal Navy Submarines & MTB sections

    Submarines: Designed for use in North European and Mediterranean waters, the S-class was manoeuvrable with a noted ability to crash dive extremely quickly. Combined with a large salvo of torpedoes, this was a successful design of…

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    Pre-order: Royal Navy Aircraft
    Pre-order: Royal Navy Aircraft

    The British air raid on the Italian port of Taranto demonstrated to the world the vulnerability of ships against attacks from the air. The planes of the Fleet Air Arm of the Royal Navy proved a scourge to Axis forces throughout…

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