• Victory at Sea Kriegsmarine fleet
    Victory at Sea Kriegsmarine fleet

    The Kriegsmarine had to be virtually rebuilt after the First World War. Forbidden to own capital ships and submarines, Germany nibbled away at first one clause of the Treaty of Versailles, then another, until a powerful navy force…

    € 89,95
  • FW 190 Flights
    FW 190 Flights

    Continuing the Bf 109’s legacy, the Fw 190 soon gained the attention of Allied pilots in Europe as it cut a swathe across the sky. A big, radial-engine fighter, the Fw 190 was capable of using brute force to pull it through…

    € 13,95
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    Pre-order: Tirpitz
    Pre-order: Tirpitz

    Sister ship to the Bismarck, the Tirpitz was 2,000 tons heavier and thus the heaviest warship to have ever been produced by a European navy. She served in Norway and the Baltic Fleet acting as a potent deterrent. The Tirpitz…

    € 17,50 € 15,75
  • Bismarck

    Two Bismarck-class battleships were built for the Kriegsmarine. Bismarck was the first, named for the Chancellor (Otto von Bismarck). The battleship was laid down in July 1936 and launched February 1939. She and her sister ship,…

    € 17,50
  • Gneisenau

    While serving as commerce raiders, the Scharnhorst-class Battleships (or battlecruisers), Scharnhorst and Gneisenau were responsible for sinking over 105,000 tons of allied shipping in a single cruise.

    The two ships operated…

    € 17,50
  • Graf Zeppelin
    Graf Zeppelin

    Though laid down and launched before the start of the war, the Graf Zeppelin was never completed or commissioned, and it never saw action.

    Whilst four aircraft of the class had originally been planned, constant in-fighting…

    € 21,95
  • Cruisers - Admiral Graf Spee & Admiral Scheer
    Cruisers - Admiral Graf Spee & Admiral Scheer

    The Deutschland-class of warships were relatively small, by battleship standards, but were well armoured and carried the type of armament traditionally seen only on battleships. This led to them being nicknamed ‘pocket…

    € 22,95
  • Kriegsmarine U-Boats & MTB sections
    Kriegsmarine U-Boats & MTB sections

    Submarines: A long-ranged submersible, the Type IX was the most successful U-boat of the war, with each vessel averaging over 100,000 tons of shipping sunk. One Type IX, U-107, made the most successful convoy mission of the war,…

    € 28,75
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    Pre-order: Kriegsmarine Aircraft
    Pre-order: Kriegsmarine Aircraft

    With carriers planned but not built, Germany’s airpower was limited to launching from airfields far from open water. As such, they were mainly deployed against ships close to mainland Europe. Despite this, the Luftwaffe…

    € 29,95 € 26,95


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