French Resistance

  • French Resistance Squad
    French Resistance Squad

    The exceptional men and women of the French Resistance were fiercely patriotic citizens who risked everything to fight back against the occupying German Forces. From sowing disinformation or assassinating German personnel and…

    € 20,95
  • French Resistance Support Group
    French Resistance Support Group

    Germany's occupation of France was resisted by the Maquis - the famous French Resistance. Led by ex-officers or charismatic local leaders, these brave men and women fought desperate guerilla actions which were pivotal in…

    € 22,95
  • French Resistance Sniper and Light Mortar Teams
    French Resistance Sniper and Light Mortar Teams

    A Sniper Team in a Partisan Bolt Action army represents anything from an untrained civilian out for revenge on the occupiers to a seasoned hunter that has decided to join the resistance.

    Like most weapons used by the partisans,…

    € 6,95
  • French Resistance PIAT & Anti-tank rifle teams
    French Resistance PIAT & Anti-tank rifle teams

    Partisans had little in the way of anti-tank weaponry. Fortunately, most of the heavier armour of the occupying forces was at the front line, and thus it was mostly outdated and lightly armed vehicles were used for security duty…

    € 6,95
  • French Resistance light anti-tank gun
    French Resistance light anti-tank gun

    Captured anti-tank guns were put to use again their former owners – these would very likely include German 37mm guns.

    € 14,95
  • French Resistance Light Artillery
    French Resistance Light Artillery

    The most useful kinds of light artillery were often mountain guns, as these were more easily moved about and could be disassembled and carried by mules if necessary. All kinds of artillery would be used. The old World War I French…

    € 18,95


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