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  • Clipsos Unit (Sniper)
    Clipsos Unit (Sniper)

    The Clipsos are the TO infiltrators of the Tohaa army. The primary mission of this invisible unit is to carry out missions involving the elimination of people and strategic objectives, and to perform black operations and also…

    € 9,95
  • Libertos Freedom Fighters (Light Shotgun)
    Libertos Freedom Fighters (Light Shotgun)

    It’s time to recover lost pride, to take up arms and rise up against the oppressor. The time has come for us to fight to regain our own destiny. And if it means that we must kill each and every one of the PanOceanians on this…

    € 9,95
  • Tohaa Diplomatic Delegates
    Tohaa Diplomatic Delegates

    The diplomatic delegates of Tohaa are the elite of their society. They have a very large capacity for adaptation and negotiation. They are always prepared, and they are cold-blooded enough to perform tasks requiring a high degree…

    € 9,95
  • Kosuil Assault Pioneers (K1 Combi Rifle)
    Kosuil Assault Pioneers (K1 Combi Rifle)

    The best defence is a good offense as the Kosuil Pioneers are experts in demolitions and assault tactics. Providing you with a relentless advance on the enemy, that forces them to think fast to counter your attacks. A very…

    € 10,50
  • Greif Operators (2 Breaker Pistols)
    Greif Operators (2 Breaker Pistols)

    The war that pits the Tohaa against the Combined Army is constant. Neither side could pass up the dramatic situation’s potential for members of the same race that find themselves on opposing sides to infiltrate, sabotage, and…

    € 11,50
  • Kosuil Assault Pioneers (Boarding Shotgun)
    Kosuil Assault Pioneers (Boarding Shotgun)

    The Kosuil Pioneers are expert in demolitions and assault tactics, a very necessary reinforcement for the Tohaa players! With a Boarding Shotgun and a Panzerfaust in their hands, there will be nothing these troopers cannot "open".

    € 11,50
  • Neema Saatar, Ectros Regiment Officer (Spitfire)
    Neema Saatar, Ectros Regiment Officer (Spitfire)

    The sound of troops charging under the command of Neema Saatar is that of the entire Tohaa race rushing to take back its freedom. In her wake, Tohaa soldiers run swiftly and vigorously, their war cries rebounding across the…

    € 11,50
  • Tohaa D20 Dice Set
    Tohaa D20 Dice Set

    The Tohaa are an advanced alien civilization currently waging an open war against the EI and its Combined Army. Guardians of one of the great treasures of the universe, the Tohaa have withstood the EI’s onslaught longer than any…

    € 11,50
  • Hatail Spec-Ops
    Hatail Spec-Ops

    Infinity Spec-Ops have no troop profile in the Army Lists, however they are the perfect proxies to use in official Infinity tournaments. Infinity Spec-Ops have been created to use the Experience Rules in the Infinity Campaign…

    € 12,95
  • Igao

    As the killing ghosts of the Tohaa Trident, very few people see an Igao and live to tell the story. Usually it's just a glimpse of the Igao's shiny blade followed by external darkness. Used to perform black operations, this…

    € 14,95
  • Kaauri Sentinels
    Kaauri Sentinels

    A Tohaa special project with the outcome to develop an artificial sentry, whose watchful eyes would spot any and all intruders that tried to break through the Tohaa front lines. The Kaauri Sentinels are very loyal and deeply…

    € 22,95
  • Tohaa Support Pack
    Tohaa Support Pack

    The Kumotail Bioengineers have united technology and biomedicine becoming hyper-qualified technical combat operatives, and thanks to the Chaksa Servants, their field assistants, also in true magicians able to repair anything or…

    € 22,95
  • Dire Foes Mission Pack 5: Viral Outbreak
    Dire Foes Mission Pack 5: Viral Outbreak

    Another mission box providing two enemy characters and also a Civilian model, printed artwork In Viral Outbreak, the opposing forces are the Tohaa and the Shasvastii.

    The HAZMAT A1 Specialists are called “the ghosts of the dead…

    € 26,95
  • Kaeltar Specialists
    Kaeltar Specialists

    The Kaeltar specialists are able to take command in any situation and are able to reinforce Symobic troopers with the useful Symbiomates or the Symbiobombs. They have been trained in the complex Corahtar discipline to control the…

    € 29,95
  • Rasail Boarding Team
    Rasail Boarding Team

    Thanks to their Nanoscreens and their synchronized Chaksa, the Rasail Team is one of the most accomplished boarding units in the Tohaa Armada. Rasails fight in an intensely aggressive manner, dictating the terms of the assault and…

    € 29,95
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