• BB202 Estate House
    BB202 Estate House

    Estate House (BB202)
    Includes one pre-painted Estate House buildingDesigned in the French Second Empire style, this stately property would not look out of place in France, the Low Countries, Germany, or indeed most of Europe.

    € 39,60
  • BB177 Ruined Church
    BB177 Ruined Church

    Ruined Church (BB177)
    Box contains 1x Painted Ruined Church.Churches provide strongpoints for defending forces with the thick stone walls. To force infantry out of them you need to almost level the entire building. Contains one…

    € 39,60
  • Ruined Building
    Ruined Building

    Ruined Buildings (BB199)
    Box contains 3x Painted Ruined Buildings.The Ruined Building includes a large two-storey house and two smaller houses, with extensive shelling or bombing damage, perfect for a wartorn 15mm urban battle…

    € 39,60
  • Bocage Extras
    Bocage Extras

    BB244 Bocage Extras

    Contains five pieces of flocked, pre-painted Bocage, ready for your Normandy battles. 1x 6"/15cm bombed straight, 1x 4"/10cm bombed straight, 2 different corners and 1x t-section.

    € 15,50
  • City Ruins (Plastic)
    City Ruins (Plastic)

    BB300 City Ruins (Plastic)

    Create ruined Stalingrad Buildings to fight over with this box. Each building will be unique thanks to the range of ruined wall sections, corner floors and roof corners.

    € 39,60
  • Ruined City Building Base (limited) OP=OP
    Ruined City Building Base (limited) OP=OP

    BB237 Ruined City Building Base (Direct Only)

    Add a Building Base to your City Ruins plastic buildings to complete the look and make them look truly ruined

    € 18,00
  • Ruined City Rubble Piles (x2) Limited OP=OP
    Ruined City Rubble Piles (x2) Limited OP=OP

    BB238 Ruined City Rubble Piles (x2)

    These pre-painted Ruined City Rubble Piles give your troops something to fight over.

    € 18,00
  • Haystacks

    Battlefield in a Box:
    Haystacks (BB245)
    Box contains:
    4x Painted Haystacks

    € 16,20
  • Bocage

    Contains six flocked, pre-painted pieces of Bocage, 2x 8"/20cm, 2x 6"/15cm and 2x 4"/10cm.

    € 27,00
  • Ponds

    BB530 Ponds

    Ponds contain two pre-painted pond terrain pieces as well as a small island terrain piece. Included with the pre-painted ponds is a small bag of Green Static Grass allowing you can flock the shores of the ponds to…

    € 22,50
  • Cobblestone Roads
    Cobblestone Roads

    BB141 Cobblestone Roads

    Contains Eight Pre-painted Cobblestone Roads sections.

    6 x Straight Cobblestone Roads
    1 x Cobblestone T Intersection
    1 x Cobblestone X Intersection

    € 35,00
  • Sandbags - Gun Pit Markers
    Sandbags - Gun Pit Markers

    BB120 Sandbags - Gun Pit Markers

    The Gun Pits Sandbags box set contains 2 sets of tabletop-ready Gun Pit markers, suitable for use with any army on the Eastern or Western Front. When placed together, the markers provide enough…

    € 16,00


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