Flesh-eater Courts

  • Battletome: Flesh-eater Courts
    Battletome: Flesh-eater Courts

    Bound by the madness of their kings, the Flesh-eater Courts surge across the land in search of their next grisly feast.

    Battletome: Flesh-eater Courts is the comprehensive guide to collecting and fielding the cannibalistic…

    € 29,25
  • Abhorrant Archregent
    Abhorrant Archregent

    Archregents are Ghoul Kings who have ruled for hundreds upon hundreds of years, growing terrifyingly powerful. They are mighty vampiric warrior-kings and are accustomed to instant obedience from all those around them.


    € 20,25
  • Charnel Throne
    Charnel Throne

    Formed from the bones of those killed by an abhorrant’s insane magic, a Charnel Throne exudes madness and necrotic energies. They are the seats of power for Archregents and Ghoul Kings, blazing beacons to mordants, and…

    € 29,25
  • Crypt Ghouls
    Crypt Ghouls

    Scuttling, repugnant creatures whose insanity pushes them over the brink of madness into the belief that they are glorious, stout soldiers of a magnificent empire, Crypt Ghouls seek out fresh, raw meat – usually by killing…

    € 31,50
  • Crypt Flayers / Crypt Horrors / Vargheists
    Crypt Flayers / Crypt Horrors / Vargheists

    Haunting the night as vague silhouettes framed against a moonless sky, Crypt Flayers search tirelessly for enemies of their glorious court. Once spotted, their prey is swept upwards, gleaming fangs sunk deeply into their necks,…

    € 36,00
  • Start Collecting! Flesh-eater Courts
    Start Collecting! Flesh-eater Courts

    Hidden among the ruins of the Mortal Realms thrive the Flesh-eater Courts. Trapped within a horrific delusion, convinced that their cannibalistic feasts are splendid and grandiose visions of nobility, these courts of madness are…

    € 63,00
  • Broken Realms: Gorstane Mortevell – Mortevell's Helcourt
    Broken Realms: Gorstane Mortevell – Mortevell's Helcourt

    Amongst the deluded cannibals of the Ymetrican Flesh-eaters, there are none more devoted to Nagash than Gorstane Mortevell. With screeching, howling invective, the ghoulish emperor drives his court into a frenzy of religious…

    € 58,50


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