• Battletome: Skaven
    Battletome: Skaven

    Red eyes and chisel fangs glint in the gloom. A terrible chittering fills the air. Then, from the darkness they come – the skaven have arrived to blight the Mortal Realms!

    Chaos Battletome: Skaven is your guide to the evil…

    € 29,25
  • Warlock Bombardier
    Warlock Bombardier

    Warlock Bombardiers are those engineers who develop a particular penchant for weapons that deliver explosive death from extreme range. Their alchemical armaments cause utter devastation wherever they strike home.

    Part wizard,…

    € 22,50
  • Endless Spells: Skaven
    Endless Spells: Skaven

    Harness the twisted sorceries of the skaven with this set of endless spells! Each offers unique and unusual benefits, and can only be used by your skaven Wizards. Inside this set, you'll find:

    – The Vermintide, a swarm of…

    € 25,20
  • Plague Monks
    Plague Monks

    Driven into battle by their frenzied faith, the Plague Monks of Clan Pestilens are a repulsive tidal wave of filth that smashes into their enemies with the power of a flood. Wildly slashing, hacking and stabbing with their…

    € 29,25
  • Clanrats

    Clanrats mass into huge clawpacks, their vast numbers bolstering their courage and allowing them to surge across the battlefield and overwhelm the enemy, regardless of the hideous casualties they suffer along the way.


    € 29,25
  • Skaven Gnawholes
    Skaven Gnawholes

    Gnawholes split the skin of reality, tearing open like lesions and allowing frenzied skaven swarms to spill forth. Manifesting as whirling green portals, gaping black holes, fume-wreathed chasms and countless other malignant…

    € 38,25
  • Stormfiends

    The latest creations from the crazed laboratories of the Clans Skryre, Stormfiends are hulking brutes stitched together from a variety of body parts. Armed with a deadly array of experimental weaponry, they are able to wade…

    € 49,50
  • Start Collecting! Skaven Pestilens
    Start Collecting! Skaven Pestilens

    The sound of booming brass gongs and the appearance of huge clouds of thick, acrid smoke announces the entrance of the Clans Pestilens. The most vile and diseased of the Horned Rat’s progeny, they seek to rot the mortal realms…

    € 63,00
  • Verminlord Corruptor / Warpseer / Warbringer / Deceiver / Lord Skreech Verminking
    Verminlord Corruptor / Warpseer / Warbringer / Deceiver / Lord Skreech Verminking

    Horrific examples of pure pestilence given form, Verminlord Corruptors live up to their name, existing only to despoil and corrupt. Huge, powerful warriors capable of tearing most enemies apart even before their vile plague spells…

    € 76,50


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