Dark Angels

  • Codex Supplement: Dark Angels
    Codex Supplement: Dark Angels

    None fight with more grim determination than the battle-brothers of the Dark Angels, and their renowned specialised companies – the Deathwing and the Ravenwing – are held in awe by their allies and enemies alike. Working in…

    € 20,25
  • Codex Dark Angels (8ste editie)
    Codex Dark Angels (8ste editie)

    No matter the foe, regardless of the odds, the proud warriors of the Dark Angels stubbornly refuse to accept defeat. Descendants of the First Legion, they stand foremost amongst the Chapters of the Space Marines, Mankind’s…

    € 29,25
  • Datacards: Dark Angels
    Datacards: Dark Angels

    Prepare to hunt for the Fallen with these handy reference cards! Each is great for quickly referring to your rules, making sure you'll pick the right Stratagem or psychic powers for your battles with ease.

    This pack contains the…

    € 10,80
  • Dark Angels Primaris Upgrades
    Dark Angels Primaris Upgrades

    This pack of plastic components can be used to upgrade a variety of Primaris Space Marines with iconography and details specific to the Dark Angels. 21 components in total are included:

    - 5 Dark Angel Mk X power armour shoulder…

    € 9,90
  • Dark Angels Upgrade Pack
    Dark Angels Upgrade Pack

    Amongst the most loyal servants of the Emperor, regarded as one of the most accomplished Space Marine Chapters of the Imperium, the Dark Angels are feared and respected with equal measure. However, they harbour a terrible secret,…

    € 10,35
  • Ravenwing Command Squad
    Ravenwing Command Squad

    Bike-mounted Command Squads consist of experienced Ravenwing Black Knights who form a swift bodyguard around a mounted officer, or execute other specialised missions.This kit can be used to make either a Ravenwing Command Squad or…

    € 38,25
  • Deathwing Terminator Squad / Command Squad / Knights
    Deathwing Terminator Squad / Command Squad / Knights

    The bulk of the 1st Company is composed of Terminator Squads, indefatigable warriors who blast apart their enemies with storm bolters while advancing into assault rangeThe Deathwing Terminator models come resplendent in the…

    € 40,50
  • Combat Patrol: Dark Angels
    Combat Patrol: Dark Angels

    The Dark Angels are a dour brotherhood, characterised by their deep commitment to millennia-old rituals, loyalty, discipline, and self-sufficiency. They are a fighting force whose allegiance to the Emperor and his Imperium is nigh…

    € 99,00


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