Black seas


  • Black Seas Rulebook
    Black Seas Rulebook

    The Black Seas Rulebook is gloriously detailed and you can see Gabrio's passion for the period throughout the 96 pages. It includes everything to play rules-wise, also delving into the likes of painting & rigging your vessels,…

    € 24,95
  • Black Seas Master & commander starter set
    Black Seas Master & commander starter set

    Alongside a softback copy of the Black Seas core rules, you'll get nine beautifully detailed plastic miniatures; three frigates and six brigs. You'll also get sails, rigging and flag sheets for all your ships and all the ship…

    € 57,50
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    Sale: Black Seas Master & commander starter set (schade-artikel)
    Sale: Black Seas Master & commander starter set (schade-artikel)

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    Alongside a softback copy of the Black Seas core rules, you'll get nine beautifully detailed plastic miniatures; three frigates and six brigs. You'll also get sails, rigging and flag sheets…

    € 57,50 € 49,95
  • 3rd Rates Squadron
    3rd Rates Squadron

    A 3rd rate ship, as defined by the British rating system, was a ship of the line which mounted between 64-80 guns. Usually, this would mean two gun decks. Despite their relative size and power compared to larger 1st and 2nd rates,…

    € 34,95
  • Frigates & Brigs Flotilla
    Frigates & Brigs Flotilla

    FrigatesFrigates were perhaps the hardest-worked of warship types during the Age of Sail. A small warship with a perfect balance of speed, armament and resilience that made it one of the perfect vessels for single-ship action and…

    € 22,95
  • Martello Tower
    Martello Tower

    New from Sarissa Precision, the Martello Tower. This simple to construct structure not only looks great on the table but is a powerful fortification in Black Seas.HistoryMartello towers are small defensive forts that were first…

    € 8,95
  • Black Seas scenery pack
    Black Seas scenery pack

    You'll find within the box plenty to add variety to your games of Black Seas. Rocks of various shapes and sizes can provide tricky obstacles to negotiate with your vessels. They are also capable of blocking line of sight - a wily…

    € 34,95
  • Black Seas Gunboat Squadron
    Black Seas Gunboat Squadron

    A gunboat squadron is like a gnat in comparison to the larger ships-of-the-line. Nevertheless, they have a useful place in the fleet. A gunboat would typically have only a single mast with square-rigged sails, mounting between one…

    € 17,95
  • Ocean Surface
    Ocean Surface

    ∙ 1x Ocean Surface 2.0 6x4 Gaming Mat

    ∙ Kraken play mats were built as real plates and were photographed and digitally reworked
    ∙ As a result, they achieve a much higher level of detail than any computer-generated…

    € 74,95
  • Merchant Vessels
    Merchant Vessels

    Merchant vessels were not designed for combat. They were slow lumbering vessels designed to have a large capacity for transporting goods but at the sacrifice of manoeuvrability.In Black Seas there are many scenarios that…

    € 27,95
  • Schooners squadron
    Schooners squadron

    Schooners are two-masted vessels with both masts having loose footed sails rigged on gaff and two or more headsails (staysails rigged in front of the fore mast). They were not designed for combat, being built mainly for cargo,…

    € 28,95
  • Terrors of the Deep
    Terrors of the Deep

    Sailors have swapped stories of the horrors that inhabit the seas for centuries, creating legends of monsters that come up from the murky depths to drag whole ships down to Davy Jones’ Locker. Sailors are nothing if not…

    € 43,95
  • Cutters Squadron
    Cutters Squadron

    Cutters were usually tiny or small vessels with a single mast. Designed for speed more than transport capacity, the mast has a triangular aft (behind the mast) sail rigged fore and aft (from the front to the rear) and a headsail…

    € 22,95
  • Bomb Ketch Squadron
    Bomb Ketch Squadron

    A bomb ketch’s primary armament was not cannon or carronade, but a mortar mounted near the bow elevated at a high angle, that employed explosive shells rather than solid shot. They were designed primarily as bombardment vessels…

    € 22,95
  • Armada: Kingdom of Men Fleet Pack
    Armada: Kingdom of Men Fleet Pack

    Did you know that existing Black Seas fleets are totally compatible with Mantic Games' new fantasy Naval game - Armada? This pack contains 16 cards and 7 tokens to allow your Age of Sail historical fleets to be used as the…

    € 14,95


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