• Fluyt

    Flyut: This Dutch-designed ship-rigged vessel is a soundly structured merchantman meant to be outfitted with a small crew. The severe tumblehome of its design is known for making it particularly difficult to board.Contents

    € 139,95
  • Longboat

    Longboat: These open boats where used primarily to move from ship to shore and back again. They where on occasion used in small “fleets” by Pirates and Privateers to take on larger ships as well.Contents∙ 1 6.5″x2.125”…

    € 16,95
  • Canoa

    The canoa has been called “Neptune’s Seahorse” and is a small, swift vessel used for short trips and trade. The most common boat in North America, it is often used for coastal trips and raids by Native Americans and…

    € 16,95
  • Piragua

    A dugout vessel copied from the Native Americans, suitable for open water voyages in the Caribbean.

    € 32,95
  • Bark

    Bark: The common bark is the coastal merchant and fishing workhorse of the Caribbean. Ranging from one to three masts, it is typically square-rigged and designed for cargo, not speed. It is a sturdy, unromantic vessel, yet due to…

    € 36,95
  • Tartana

    The Tartana is a popular Mediterranean merchant vessel adapted for use in the Caribbean by the Spanish and the French. Sporting a two-masted fore & aft lateen rig and able to carry a decent armament for its size, the Tartana makes…

    € 47,95
  • Sloop

    Sloop: Sloops are small swift vessels which sail well to windward and can venture close to shore. These fore and aft rigged ships were preferred among smugglers and coastal raiders.Contents
    (*This unpainted ship does not include…

    € 54,95
  • Brigantine

    Brigantine: Quick, sturdy and well-armed, the brigantine is suited to handle nearly any situation. This ship’s shallow draft and mixed rig configuration gives it a versatility which made it very popular among Pirate and…

    € 69,95
  • Corvette

    Corvette: Corvettes, also known as a barque longues, were often the smallest warships found in European Navies of the day. Built light for maximum speed, they were used for coastal patrols and reconnaissance as well as anti-piracy…

    € 109,95
  • Frigate

    Light Frigate: These light warships were made for combat and Commonly used by the Guarda Costas and pirate hunters. Light Frigates are robust vessels which are designed to mimic their larger counter parts while keeping up with the…

    € 89,95
  • Galleon

    Galleon: The Spanish Galleon is a massive ship and formidable foe with a hull constructed specifically for warfare and ferrying treasure hoards.Contents
    (*This unpainted ship does not include flags or sails. Some assembly…

    € 279,00
  • 6th Rate Frigate
    6th Rate Frigate

    6th Rate Frigate: These warships were made for coastal protection, commerce raiding, and often pirate hunting. The 6th rate is a robust vessel that is designed to be fast, shallow draft, and heavily armed. Pirates were very rarely…

    € 179,95


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