• French Nationality Starter Set
    French Nationality Starter Set

    This starter set includes 25 French models and allows you to build a 100 point force of either:French Buccaneers: Made up mainly of Flibustiers and Boucaniers sailing out of Tortuga and Petit Goave to raid the towns and commerce…

    € 58,95
  • Francois l’Olonnais
    Francois l’Olonnais

    Jean-David Nau(Francois l’Olonnais) was a famous French Flibustier who was known both for his naval actions in the Caribbean and for his cruelty. His nickname was Francois l’Olonnais, but also “Flail of the Spaniards”…

    € 5,49
  • Laurens De Graff
    Laurens De Graff

    Perhaps the greatest swashbuckler of his age, Laurens de Graff was the sort of figure who inspired legends and whose exploits were as fantastic as any you might find in a Hollywood script. Handsome, daring, and usually accompanied…

    € 5,49
  • French Buccaneer Commander
    French Buccaneer Commander

    One 28 mm unpainted lead free pewter miniatures

    € 2,95
  • Milices des caraïbes
    Milices des caraïbes

    These well armed civilians and Boucaniers learned much from the success of the French Buccaneers. They were the primary defense forces of the French Caribbean.


    ∙ Four 28 mm unpainted lead free pewter miniatures

    € 10,95
  • Marins

    French sailors had great experience in naval combat from their many engagements in Europe, the Mediterranean, and the Americas. Usually armed with a fine French pistol, they were known to excel at boarding actions.



    € 10,95
  • Flibustiers

    Flibustiers are second only to the Boucaniers in experience in raiding Spanish ships and settlements. Like most French fighting men of their time, they preferred to quickly move into close action where they could quickly bring…

    € 10,95
  • Boucaniers

    The Boucaniers were the predecessors of both French Flibustiers and English Freebooters. Known for their deadly accuracy, these hunters of mainly French origin originated from the western end of Hispaniola and lived a rough…

    € 10,95
  • Buccaneer Storming Party
    Buccaneer Storming Party

    Forlorn Hope were sent ahead of Buccaneer raiding parties to foil ambushes and secure crucial strategic positions. They were typically equipped with muskets, pistols, and grenadoes, and were known for their fierce…

    € 10,95
  • Milice Candienne [Canadian Militia]
    Milice Candienne [Canadian Militia]

    The hardy Frenchmen of Canada are among the toughest militiamen to be found on the American continent. Though not quite as well-traveled as the Coureur de Bois, they are still rugged woodsmen who have adapted well to their new…

    € 10,95
  • Coureur Des Bois
    Coureur Des Bois

    Made up primarily of fur traders and other hardy woodsmen, these French pioneers prove to be effective fighters and deadly accurate with their firelocks.

    € 10,95


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