• Helleniki - Starter Set
    Helleniki - Starter Set

    Ludus Hellenicus celebrates the diversity and unity of the Hellenic League for all to see, while ensuring the the political engines of continued Greek independence remain stoked with the fuel of domination as the scars of an…

    € 42,95
  • Antaeus

    Those who pick on small and sickly boys are the lowest among us, or so Antaeus’s father would say as he cleaned his young son’s cuts and scrapes.The philosophies spouted by his father seemed mere platitudes meant to comfort a…

    € 18,95
  • Archidamos

    Archidamos is the prototypical Spartan, chosen from thousands to represent his homeland in the arena. In response to the formation of Ludus Hellenicus. Sparta instituted rigorous trials to choose a specimen worthy of their great…

    € 18,45
  • Argos

    Descended of the Mithridatic kings and a scion of scourged Miletus, Argos has perhaps the strongest claim to a lineage that would lead the league into autocracy. Some feared that his efforts to bolster the league’s army would…

    € 17,95
  • Dimitrios

    Dimitrios the boy knew nothing of the world outside his fishing village. Born shortly after his father was lost at sea, this favored son of his mother was raised harshly by his twin elder brothers. The three siblings carved out a…

    € 17,95
  • Telesto

    Rare is the sea beast that survives on land; rarer still is one that thrives there. Thanks to Dimitrios, none have travelled further inland than Telesto. The young fisherboy stole away with his brothers’ catch and risked…

    € 42,95
  • Theophania

    Her sarcasm and flippancy wouldn’t suggest a warrior as determined. Refusing to accept the life of a typical Spartan woman, marrying and birthing warriors, Theophania charts her own course. Why give birth to great heroes when…

    € 17,45
  • Helleniki Dice Set
    Helleniki Dice Set

    The Helleniki faction dice are 16mm D6s. A faction icon is molded into the '6' face. Dice are sold in sets of 8.

    € 11,95


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