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  • What a Tanker!
    What a Tanker!

    What a Tanker! is a fun and fast game of WWII tank combat which focusses on the players taking command of one (or more) tanks and fighting their way through the battlefields of WWII. Quick to learn but eternally challenging, What…

    € 28,95
  • Chain of Command
    Chain of Command

    Chain of Command are the revolutionary new wargames rules designed for platoon sized actions with some additional support. The rules are fast paced, exciting and fun, using the unique command and control system which presents the…

    € 27,95
  • I Ain’t Been Shot Mum
    I Ain’t Been Shot Mum

    I Ain’t Been Shot Mum is designed for company sized games in WWII, where each figures represents one man, each model tank one real AFV. The game is designed to put the emphasis on command and control on the battlefield, with the…

    € 27,95
  • Bolt Action 2
    Bolt Action 2

    The new edition offers the same fantastic World War II gameplay with its exciting order dice system and mixed armies of infantry, tanks and artillery.

    Key New FeaturesOfficers activate other units! Used cleverly, this creates a…

    € 35,95
  • -50%

    Team Yankee
    Team Yankee

    Based on the book written by Harold Coyle in 1987, Team Yankee brings the conflict that simmered throughout the Cold War to life in a game by Battlefront Miniatures where you command your troops in miniature on a realistic…

    € 18,00 € 9,00
  • Rules of Engagement
    Rules of Engagement

    The game of World War Two combat.

    This 240 page hardback book contains,

    GAME RULES: The complete gaming rules covering movement, weapons, close quarters combat, artillery and more. Includes opportunity fire, hidden troops,…

    € 13,95
  • Chain of Command: Blitzkrieg 1940 Handbook
    Chain of Command: Blitzkrieg 1940 Handbook

    This 124 page handbook provides a comprehensive coverage of the campaign in France and the Low Countries in 1940. Included is an historical account of the campaign in the West, as well as whole raft of new rules to cover the…

    € 27,95
  • Disposable heroes 2
    Disposable heroes 2

    DISPOSABLE HEROES II is a WWII platoon level historical miniature wargaming system. It is designed not just to put you in command of the troops and weapons of a WWII platoon but in the historical tactical situation of a platoon…

    € 37,95


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