• Acerbus

    Often larger animals must be goaded to even take notice of the gladiators in the arena, but Acerbus seems as though he was born to it. Hearing the clamor of the crowds and combatants, he literally burst onto his first display on…

    € 33,45
  • Leo

    Known for savaging not only arena combatants but also feeders and handlers, Leo has slain hundreds on the sands, and dozens in his pen. This king of beasts lives up to his reputation in every outing, satiating the crowd’s…

    € 28,95
  • Proximo

    Wild and exotic creatures are often sought after for the arena, and none are wilder or more exotic than Proximo. It can take years of pursuit to finally ensnare one of these elusive beasts in the forests of Gallo-Rome, but the…

    € 33,95
  • Wendigo

    Rumors tell of a longship gliding into a misty fjord with only a small, wide-eyed boy on board. There was no sign of the crew, and the severely malnourished boy died within days. Food and fire did nothing to fill his belly or warm…

    € 28,95
  • Atrox

    Shrines to this mighty predator can still be found at the edges of villages in the jungles of the east. A terror known for consuming unwary (or unworthy, depending on the tale) souls for years, Atrox prefers to isolate his prey…

    € 28,95
  • Cato

    The legenday uncompromising will of his forbears is graven deeply in the soul of Marcus Porcius Cato. As a young Legate, Cato was captured in Cappadocia after the loss of nearly three full legions, but his ransom was refused.…

    € 17,95
  • Ladon (with riding Cato)
    Ladon (with riding Cato)

    At the edge of the known world, further from Rome than any citizen had dared to go, a nomadic mercenary group was tasked with driving off a clutch of dragons that had begun preying on local inhabitants. The beasts were swift and…

    € 42,95
  • Crassus

    Widow turned socialite Silenia of Baiae jokingly refers to Crassus as her 'fourth husband.' Few animals have tasted the blood of a citizen of the Republic and survived, but Silenia used her influence to shelter the great bear from…

    € 32,95
  • Ludus Magnus Arena Set
    Ludus Magnus Arena Set

    For over 400 years Ludus Magnus has stood as the Roman Republic’s most celebrated gladiator school. Customize your arena hazards with this resin set focused on the Ludus Magnus aesthetic.

    This arena set includes:

    ∙ 2 Columns…

    € 28,95
  • Morituri Arena Set
    Morituri Arena Set

    The royal ludus of Aegyptus, the Morituri elevate and twist the munera far beyond the scope of anything Roman. Customize your arena hazards with this resin set focused on the Morituri aesthetic.

    This arena set includes:

    ∙ 3…

    € 28,95


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