• Zephyri - Starter Set
    Zephyri - Starter Set

    A huntress and trapper from the twilight north, Bjarrhvit made her way to Atlantis on the wings of rumors. Plentiful furs, a bounty of game, and untouched wilderness to lose herself in sounded like a paradise.The reality of…

    € 42,95
  • Caho-Ta (with riding Hroka)
    Caho-Ta (with riding Hroka)

    Despite her heroic victory, Hroka’s tribe was forced north and east, and eventually absorbed by treaty into the very clan that had claimed the lives of her father and brothers. Unable to bear the sight of most of her new clan,…

    € 37,95
  • Hagal

    A brutal and unforgiving force of nature, Hagal is known for leaving little but devastation in his wake. Formerly a blackship raider, he was always invigorated by the taste of salt and iron that came with the summer, to the point…

    € 19,95
  • Hroka

    After losing her brothers and father in raids by another nation, Hroka joined battle herself to honor them. Her badly outnumbered tribe rallied around her fierce fighting and drove back their foes at great cost. Though they were…

    € 17,95
  • Leika

    Many describe the munera as cruel but beautiful sport – a world more than befitting Leika’s temperament. Known for a beauty matched only by her vanity and contempt for the well-being of others, Leika often spends her nights in…

    € 17,95
  • Vargr

    From the exotic lands beyond the Atlantic, Vargr always preferred the excitement and adventure of hunting, combat, and scouting to the long-winded wisdom of the elders. Growing up in a mixed trading settlement Vargr heard…

    € 16,95
  • Noxius

    A captive too unruly for slavery and condemned to death in the arena, this man bears no name to speak of, and no tongue to speak it. The man makes do with the minimal equipment he is granted for the sake of spectacle, and…

    € 17,45
  • Gjallr

    Progress, commerce and prosperity are frivolous pursuits to Gjallar, the ashes his once great people have smoldered down to in a world of trade and politics. For him, the old ways are best, and only Odin's mead might rinse the…

    € 17,95
  • Zephyri Dice Set
    Zephyri Dice Set

    The Zephyri faction dice are 16mm D6s. A faction icon is molded into the '6' face. Dice are sold in sets of 8.

    € 11,95


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