• Morituri - Starter Set
    Morituri - Starter Set

    The royal ludus of Aegyptus, the Morituri elevate and twist the munera far beyond the scope of anything Roman. Believing these sacred funerary games not only honor the fallen, but have the power to breach the boundaries of the…

    € 42,95
  • Anum

    Anum plays a unique role in the munera of Aegyptus. The balance to the ritual and formula that otherwise dominates the sands of the region, Anum represents the chaos that pervades the world of life and death. Unbound by the…

    € 26,45
  • Iocasta

    The tradition of ghata’sar is long recognized by the Sandborn tribes, allowing those who clash regularly with the traditions of their nomadic lifestyle or their tribe’s leadership to leave behind their names and perhaps find…

    € 17,95
  • Khepros

    A scion of the Ptolemies of old, Khepros lived a youth of wealth and leisure. As he grew and pursued his studies, however, he developed a taste for the philosophy of his ancestors, and eventually joined a Pythagorean cult. Such…

    € 17,45
  • Sereqet (with riding Zahra)
    Sereqet (with riding Zahra)

    Giant scorpions have long been revered by the desert tribes for their hardiness, and prized by the rich for their rarity and supposed medicinal value. Riding them in the open desert has become a rite of passage for the sandborn,…

    € 37,95
  • Thoth

    Thoth has taken for himself the mantle of lawgiver, and often acts as a ceremonial executioner for the publicly condemned. He sees fighting in the arena as a form of devotion to the ideal of balance, a threshold between the…

    € 19,95
  • Tiet-Khebi

    Years of discipline have made this woman a formidable force. Uniting the role of ceremonial priestess and gladiator, Tiet-Khebi’s purpose is to shed as much sacrificial blood in the munera as possible. It is thought that this…

    € 17,95
  • Noxius

    A captive too unruly for slavery and condemned to death in the arena, this man bears no name to speak of, and no tongue to speak it. The man makes do with the minimal equipment he is granted for the sake of spectacle, and…

    € 17,45
  • Morituri Dice Set
    Morituri Dice Set

    The Morituri faction dice are 16mm D6s. A faction icon is molded into the '6' face. Dice are sold in sets of 8.

    € 11,95


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