Legio XIII

  • Legio XIII - Starter Set
    Legio XIII - Starter Set

    Legio XIII, Ludus Britannicus, is the premier Gallo-Roman Imperial gladiator school. Sponsored by the military, this ludus marries the raw ferocity of the Celtic warrior with discipline of the Roman legions. ​ Legio XIII, Ludus…

    € 42,95
  • Aemilia

    Once a dutiful aristocratic daughter, Aemilia has abandoned the dull promise of a sedate life. She chose instead to embrace the thrill of the hunt and test her mettle in the arena, flowing away from the strikes of one adversary…

    € 16,45
  • Dextarius (with riding Ywain)
    Dextarius (with riding Ywain)

    A prize-winning draft and show animal, Dextarius was a gift to Ywain; a luxe reminder that the man himself was at best a display piece or burden in Imperial politics. While the massive creature lacks the agile hooves and speed…

    € 37,95
  • Sulla

    A hero of the empire, Titus Cornelius Sulla has always served Rome faithfully. Rising to prominence quickly by showing a genius for timing assaults and for the construction of novel formation maneuvers in the heat of battle, Sulla…

    € 17,45
  • Urien

    The northern kings bitterly resisted the Gallo-Roman tide in the early days of the Imperium. Though they were defeated in the end, it never broke their pride. Now a pillar of the legions’ strength, these regions produce some of…

    € 16,95
  • Valen

    After several long years of failed crops and thin hunting for the border tribes, a young Valenwas conscripted to offset a portion of the Imperial tribute due from the Reudigni. Frustrated by the long idling, excessive marching,…

    € 17,45
  • Ywain

    Ywain "the bastard" is equally blessed and cursed by his station. Born to a courtesan well-loved in imperial circles, he has enjoyed a life absent the shadow of poverty. Lavish gifts and the best training punctuated his…

    € 17,45
  • Noxius

    A captive too unruly for slavery and condemned to death in the arena, this man bears no name to speak of, and no tongue to speak it. The man makes do with the minimal equipment he is granted for the sake of spectacle, and…

    € 17,45
  • Legio XIII Dice Set
    Legio XIII Dice Set

    The Legio XIII faction dice are 16mm D6s. A faction icon is molded into the '6' face. Dice are sold in sets of 8.

    € 11,95


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