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  • British Army Command
    British Army Command

    What ho! Those frightfully good chaps at Warlord have sculpted some top brass for their WW2 Commonwealth range. There are 4 characters, all in metal. The first is the most dangerous thing known to man; an officer with a map. And a…

    € 6,95
  • British Army FOO team
    British Army FOO team

    FOOs were assigned to a company or squadron of a battalion or regiment that their battery was supporting. In the British artillery system FOOs were always authorised to order fire commands to their own troop or battery, based on…

    € 5,95
  • Christmas Truce
    Christmas Truce

    Even on the Frontline Christmas is a time for giving. We have here four soldiers taking some time out to enjoy some Christmas presents. We have a German Officer enjoying a cigarette, a British soldier enjoying a crate of beer, a…

    € 6,95
  • British infantry
    British infantry

    Britain and her Commonwealth put huge numbers of men into uniform in WW2 to stem the aggression from Germany, Italy and Japan. Her small professional army was swallowed up defending a worldwide Empire and soon her forces were…

    € 29,95
  • Royal Navy section
    Royal Navy section

    The British Royal Navy has a centuries-long distinguished history and a reputation for excellence. During the early 20th century Britannia continued to rule the waves.

    Spread around the globe, Royal Navy ships were able to put…

    € 17,95
  • Home Guard Platoon, Dad's Army
    Home Guard Platoon, Dad's Army

    During the dark days of 1940, Britain was under dire threat of Nazi invasion. A massive citizen army, the Local Defence Volunteers, was raised to defend their families and homes. Although armed with old or ad hoc weapons and…

    € 46,95
  • British Army Vickers MMG Team
    British Army Vickers MMG Team

    One of the oldest and best serving weapons of the British Commonwealth armies, the Medium Vickers machine gun on tripod served through both World Wars and even on past Korea. Reliable and accurate, Warlord's machine gun team is…

    € 8,95
  • British Army 3" Mortar Team
    British Army 3" Mortar Team

    One of the unsung weapons to see action during the war, the 3 inch Mortar, served throughout the conflict and in all war zones, it provided British Army and Commonwealth personnel with the capability to lob explosive projectiles…

    € 8,95
  • British Flamethrower & Combat Engineers
    British Flamethrower & Combat Engineers

    Pack contains 5 metal figures.

    € 8,95
  • British Snipers in Ghillie suits
    British Snipers in Ghillie suits

    Snipers were armed with a SMLE No.4 Rifle equipped with a No.32 Mk.1 telescopic sight. The team carried fifty rounds of ammunition, five tracer rounds and five armour-piercing rounds. Two No.36 Mills bombs or two No.77 smoke…

    € 4,95
  • British 25 pdr Howitzer & Limber
    British 25 pdr Howitzer & Limber

    The 25 pounder was the key howitzer used by the British Army throughout World War 2 and beyond. It was found in every theatre of war.

    It was fast firing and hard hitting but also easily manouevarable when pulled by a quad tractor…

    € 25,95
  • British Army Six Pounder AT Gun
    British Army Six Pounder AT Gun

    A model of the British six pounder anti tank gun. This replaced the lighter two pounder in the middle of the war and continued to see service for a further twenty years after the war.

    The gun comes with three crew figures and…

    € 14,95
  • British Army 17 pdr anti-tank gun
    British Army 17 pdr anti-tank gun

    Initially developed to overcome the more heavily German tanks encountered by the British during the North African campaign, the 17-pdr was used from 1942 onwards throughout Europe and in Africa. It was the most formidable…

    € 18,95
  • British Infantry section (Winter)
    British Infantry section (Winter)

    As with most British Commonwealth infantry sections, the British Infantry Section Winter is based around the sustained firepower of the Bren light machine gun, the other infantrymen carrying extra Bren magazines in addition to…

    € 17,95
  • British QF 40mm Bofors AA gun Mk III (1942-1945)
    British QF 40mm Bofors AA gun Mk III (1942-1945)

    Pack contains 1 metal gun and 4 metal crew figuresSupplied unpainted

    € 20,95
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